• Full Name: Stanislous Shehan Erange Vanderputt
  • Phone: 071-1771327
  • Email: stanislousvanderputt@gmail.com
  • Website: Medium

I am

Full Stack Developer over 4 years of experience. I have a great experience in working with C#, .NET Core, Entity Framework, Azure, Angular, MSSQL Server, MongoDB, jQuery, C, C++ Programming and etc.


  • Education

  • Bachelors Degree

    University of Peradeniya, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (2015-2019)
  • Work Experience

  • Dubliw Pte Ltd (2021-present)

  • Project Systemate

    .NET Core, C#, MSSQL Server, Azure, Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDb, Git Workflow
    • Played a key role in elevating Systemate's capabilities, making it a comprehensive platform for real estate agents to thrive in their business.
    • Managed communication services, including Twilio SendGrid, Sly Broadcast, and PCM Integration, utilized by Systemate. Proactively address any service issues by contacting the support team, acquiring advice, and implementing robust changes.
    • In the same project, enhanced a third-party service (implemented separately from Systemate) responsible for fetching millions of records from another third-party service. Optimized MongoDB aggregation pipelines to improve data fetching loading times.
    • Implemented cost-effective function apps, service buses, storage accounts, and logic apps, connecting them using managed identities for security.
    • Migrated Users from legacy .NET authentication to Azure B2C offers a modernized approach to user authentication, providing enhanced security and scalability authentication processes.
    • Conducted code reviews with team members, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary changes to enhance overall code quality and maintainability.
    • Engaged with the client to gather insights on future requirements and proposed changes to existing features.
    • Diagnosed and addressed high loading times in the app by optimizing existing code, refining SQL queries, and implementing effective indexing strategies.
    • Identified and addressed security vulnerabilities within the application and its associated stand-alone apps. Implemented token-based authentication, ensuring a robust security framework for third-party services.
    • Enforced regular updates of .NET Core runtime, libraries, and dependencies to enhance security and maintain the latest features and patches.
    • Implemented essential UI improvements based on client requirements.
  • Software Practice Pte Ltd (2019-2020)

  • Project ARES

    ASP.NET Core 3.1, C#, Entity Framework, MSSQL Server, Vue, Git Workflow

    Documentation contracts handling project. A user can select any predefined document template and create with his data. I implemented the backend of the project.

  • TSP Project Listing

    ASP.NET Core 3.1, MSSQL Server, Html, CSS, jQuery, Git

    To handle ongoing projects in the company. The clients can upload their presentations, videos and all the details of the project. So, there would not be any mess. Developers can also view clients’ updates.

  • Trainee

    TIQRI Corporation (Pvt) Ltd - (2017-2018)

    I worked as a Software Engineering Trainee at TIQRI Corporation (Pvt) Ltd from 11th September 2017 to 28th February 2018.

  • University Projects

  • Auction Server – 2016

    (Skill Sets): Java SE

    This is a project on handling multiple threads (Users) using a single web socket. Once a user establishes a connection with the server, it maps the user to a different port and frees the base socket.

  • Embedded System Project – Wearable Device that Remotely Controls a Robot Arm - 2017

    Arduino programming in C, JavaScripts, Nodejs, Threejs

    This is a wearable device that can remotely control a robotic arm. Our task was to control the arm remotely over Wi-Fi. This device uses the location of the human hand to move the hand of the robot arm but not imitate the shape of the hand.

  • The Lister – 2017

    (Skill Sets): C

    A kernel module that lists all current tasks in a Linux system. The Lister is a kernel module that iterates through all tasks in the operating system. And showed the content using the DFS tree.

  • Contributing to the Open Source Project – Teammates

    (Skill Sets): HTML 5, Bootstrap, JavaScript

    TEAMMATES is a free online tool for managing peer evaluations and other feedback paths of your students. It is provided as a cloud-based service for students and is currently used by hundreds of universities across the world. I contributed to this open project.

  • Competitions

  • SAITM Robotics Challenge - 2016

    The challenge is to develop an autonomous robot that can arrange objects in a grid-based arena. The challenge emulated a factory floor and challenges the robot to collect three rings and stack them on a pole within the shortest possible time. This is a line following robot.

  • ACES Hackathon – 2016

    (Skill Sets): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android

    Our task was to implement an Android-based software and a PC-based message Hub. Once you connect your phone to yourPC via Wi-Fi, you can read and reply to messages from your PC without seeing your phone.

  • SLIIT Robo Fest Challenge - 2016

    (Skill Sets): Arduino programming in C
    Our task was to develop an autonomous robot that has the capability of finding the finish line in a mesh.
  • IEEE Xtreme Coding Competition – 2016

    This is a 24 hours coding competition and had given to solve a set of programming problems.
  • HackX Hackathon – 2017

    (Skill Sets): Android
    That was a conceptual idea of sharing stories build collaboratively by several people using drawing. My task was to create a drawing board using Android.
  • ACES Hackathon - 2018

    (Skill Sets): C# NET with MVC 5, Entity Framework
    Our task was to implement an application to control devices in a smart home. My task was creating Controllers, configure routings and create appropriate database.
  • Participated in online coding competition in Hackerrank

    (Skill Sets): C, Java, Python
    Hackerrank is the best place to practice coding. Similarly, there are lots of online programming competitions. I practiced as a habit for ‘Week of Code’, ‘Hour Rank’, ‘101 Hack’, ‘Ad infinitum’ etc.

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